About me

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My name is Chester Kim. I'm currently a software engineer at Disney. My past experience includes programming on Pascal, C, C++, Smalltalk, Java, C# and a little bit assembly for Z-80 on various operating systems from realtime embedded to unix servers. The interesting thing is that I've been a technical team leader reported by more than 20 team members around 1999~2002 but returned to a software developer in a small team, now. So I knew something about paper works, politics and marketing/sales aspect of software projects as well as new technologies and the joy of developing. Personally, I love to share my experience by seminars or lectures to group of people whether it's small or big. More interestingly, I've majored Physics for my BA and MS degrees even though there's no memory on it, now. Later on, I've gotten a MS degree from Computer Science, too.

How to contact me?

I don't want to leave my e-mail anywhere publicly accessible.
But you still have several ways to contact me:

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