Fix problem that Expression Blend 3 opens a XAML file only with code view

I was really excited when Expression Blend 3 official release became available on MSDN and couldn't wait to try it out! Today, I've installed and tried to open the project which has been worked with Expression Blend 2.
It seems working when I've only loaded whole solution, built and run.
The problem was… I cannot see any XAML file in design view!
What da…
This tool is purely for screen design and would be useless if we cannot load any screen.
I digged in web resources a little bit and found following solution (fortunately).

Direction to fix the problem

Add project file which is typically xxx.csproj following line


between <PropertyGroup> and </PropertyGroup>.
I located it after FileAlignment tags since Blend 3 does it this way. Otherwise, VS2008 couldn't open it.

Refer following


Hopefully, Microsoft makes a nice and easy patch for this but I'm happy to find this solution!
Happy WPFing!

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