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I've been a computer programmer since…

Some ppl don't like the term "programmer" because there're nicer words like "software engineer", "computer scientist" or "developer", but I claim myself as a "programmer". I've called myself programmer since I've been 7th grade (freshman of jr high) and have never had any odd image on it. BTW, what is "classical programmer"? In fact, I picked the word classical since listening classical music has always been my number one hobby except snowboarding, recently. Furthermore, I started my first programming with a personal computer which had an eight bit microprocessor "z80". There might not be lots of programmers started their experience from early 80's. Thus, I claim myself as a classical programmer.

I plan to use this wiki as my personal knowledge base as following

  • Useful tips I found from websites or books during working practically.
  • Interesting facts and tricks found from work
  • Not well-known programming language features we need to know
  • Thoughts about software design and architecture
  • Comparison between different programming languages

If you found anything useful and…

You're free to copy any contents and use it from this wiki but it would be helpful if you add a little note on yours where those contents from.

So, what's real?

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